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I am a brand strategist with a passion for both analytics and aesthetics. Whether it’s Powerball or Prada, I pull from a rich background and skill set with an open mind, always ready for a challenge and here to help a brand share its story.




Six years at Laird+Partners, a boutique ad agency in New York, solidified my interest in the business of branding. As a project manager, then as a media buyer, I worked across creative and account teams to prepare new business pitches, multi-media campaigns and media plans for luxury fashion brands. I also mastered the art of closet organization in a 150-sq. ft apartment.


In 2010, I moved to Richmond as a newlywed and spent two years at the Brandcenter diving deeper into strategy and research. Post-Master’s, I worked in Brand Partnerships at Capital One to craft new business pitches for brands like Jet Blue, REI and MGM. And I got a little fashion back into my work life leading the card launch for Lord & Taylor and managing email campaigns for Saks Fifth Avenue.


In 2014, I joined the Virginia Lottery as the Marketing Manager to oversee the creation and execution of multi-channel marketing plans while juggling relationships with five agency partners and multiple internal teams. Amidst Powerball fever, I befriended gamers with stories and superstitions that could outshine any piece of secondary research.



Content strategist and brand manager are a few of the hats I’ve worn freelancing at Dotted Line the past two years while also running projects through my LLC, MoMosh Branding. Current skills span from drafting social content to developing marketing plans and websites. And, as a creative outlet while raising three kids, I’ve launched a small side project that continues to grow and fuel my interest in sales, all the while balancing household logistics and navigating parenthood. At this phase in my career, I enjoy the variety that comes with freelance life — collaborating with agencies, clients, freelancers — on multi-dimensional projects, while also having more control over my calendar.

Here to Help

Whether you are ready for a redesign or are building a brand, I'm here to help.

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